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Posted By: Carly 22/02/08 10:21 Source ID: 1c2bf6b7-12f50485

I am a student at the University of Salford. I have been jiving for around 3 years and am looking for an enthusiastic/confident/fun-loving jive leader to be my partner for a dance routine for my University's talent show. I REALLY want to use this oppertunity to show students at Salford just how amazin Jiving is!!!

I wouldn't want a rediculously complicated piece, but I definately need an intermediate dancer. I will choreograph the piece but if you would like to help with this I would be most greatful!!

All it would intail is a couple of meet up's to get the piece together and then obviously the one off show in May.

I will discuss payments with you as a thank you for taking up your time.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Carly :-)



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