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Posted By: Annette 27/06/08 04:56 Source ID: d55a20a2-71738f6b
In Reply To: Re: Chicago Step LAK 28/11/06 08:20

Hey Canute,
I can't believe that your website is still up. I only wish was a computer savy as you. How's the family? Kids grown and in college now? :0)

I'm in Dallas, Texas now and I love it. I really got tired of LA. Of course I miss TJ and all my friends. I'm missing the MaK3 group, but I'm happier here. I was starting to fall apart when I met you. LA was and still is getting crazy. Your family must really get a kick out of your energy and lively personality. Say hello to your wife and perhaps one day we'll all get together for a little steppin. You're still doing that, right? I showed my daughter the footage and she just loves it.

ciao for now





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