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Posted By: DJ Andy 23/08/06 13:44
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In Reply To: Am I too old? kaul 21/08/06 15:11

Sure-why not give it a go?
I've just found this quote-
"We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance."-Japanese proverb
I can't say whether 60 is too old to start-maybe someone else in your category can answer that!
However depending on where you live, there are probably several different modern jive classes around.Try more than one-you may find one more to your liking,either 'cos of the teacher or the age "demographic" of dancers or the music policy of the organisation.
For more info try
The forum linked to that website is( with all due respect to this chat room) much "busier" and you will find many threads dealing with learning Modern Jive/Ceroc/Leroc/etc and beginners problems.
Hope this helps.
Good luck!



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