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Posted By: charlotte hurry 07/07/05 11:49
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In Reply To: MONSTER JIVE PARTY PARTNER Lee Black 22/06/05 22:54

: My name is Lee, been a dancer for a good 5 years or
: more (Ceroc) looking for a partner to go to the jive
: monster party dance. My usual dance partner is on
: holiday, I need a good intermediate to advanced dancer
: to partner. I am driving from central London any takers
: please call.
: Monster Jive Cocktail
: Day Event
: Friday 24th to Sun 26th June 2005
: During the daytime:
: Quality workshops with some of the best teachers around
: in different rooms including:
: modern jive, blues, latin, street, hip hop, double
: trouble, dirty dancing and west coast swing.
: Plus
: Intensive Beginners classes covering ALL of the
: beginners moves, technique, style and simple
: intermediate variations
: During the evening:
: Two rooms of dancing:
: Modern jive with a lesson in the Ballroom from 8pm
: West Coast Swing with a lesson from 8pm in the Swing
: Room
: Dancing until 1.30am
: The venue: Large Ballroom, Parking, Full Bar,
: Accommodation available
: Shoe shop, massage, food available, cabarets and
: fantastic music!
: Daytime tickets in advance. Evening tickets also
: available on the door at 15 per person.
: For FULL daytime schedule go to www.monsterjivecocktail.
: To Book: email, or call 01483 224719




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